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An unprecedented level of access for an exceptional level of care.

PerformSpecialty is a comprehensive specialty pharmacy. Our company’s founders have more than two decades’ experience administering carefully designed services to improve specialty treatment and promote adherence, and they’ve built that level of care into every facet of our organization. We pride ourselves on the quality of our services and the dedication of our staff.

Patient Support Programs

Every disease is different. That may seem obvious, but other specialty providers tend to treat them all the same. PerformSpecialty’s patient care programs are each unique to the condition they are designed to treat. These programs include, but are not limited to: Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hepatitis-C, and RSV. Each program starts by collaborating with patients, their prescribers, and our clinicians to create a health improvement plan designed to educate the patient on his or her treatment. From there, we work to reduce adverse drug events and improve medication adherence. Our care programs specifically target the elements of each condition that may cause the patient to falter, keeping them on the path to better health.


Patients won’t get better without their medicine, so getting them their drugs is our top priority. PerformSpecialty has access to a wide variety of specialty medications, including limited distribution medications. The quality of our fulfillment services comes not just from quick and accurate deliveries, but also by offering quality customer service and reduced client management requirements. We want to be sure each patient gets the right drug, at the right time, for the best outcome.

Refill Reminders

The right treatment and the right prescription can’t return patients to better health if they forget to take their medication. Soon, we will be able to send refill reminders directly to the patient’s mobile device to help with adherence and help patients get better. Our refill program will be designed to help ensure that our patients never miss a dose.

Adherence Programs

PerformSpecialty’s adherence program is one of our pillars to better patient health. We promote patient adherence by creating a dialogue among ourselves, our patients, and their prescribers. This allows us to monitor and evaluate medication effectiveness, patient response, medication adherence, and patient understanding of his or her condition, thereby improving the health of the patients under our care. Each patient receives individual attention to ensure no one person slips through the cracks.

Complete Pharmaceutical Care Management

PerformSpecialty is designed and run by clinicians, and those clinicians manage every aspect of the specialty pharmacy process on behalf of our patients. That’s why we are able to be the guide patients need down the road to better health. We can steer everything from the prior authorization process to the implementation of a care plan, all while keeping patients, prescribers and payers in communication with one another. We are the single destination for everyone involved in a patient’s health so that we can ensure they get better, together.

PerformSpecialty® is everything you want from a specialty pharmacy, done better. That’s because we are more than specialty pharmacy; we are an organization dedicated to managing the complete care of our patients. Our founders have more than two decades of personalized care experience — the kind of hands-on attention patients need — and we’ve built our company on those principles. With PerformSpecialty, you won’t just get your medication: you’ll get better care.

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