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When taking care of patients, there never seems to be enough help. That’s why we work with you to provide up-to-date information on your patients, their conditions, and their medical profiles. We assist your office with patient and condition management by providing you access to our care management team. We handle the paperwork so you can spend more time doing what you do best: making patients healthier.

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PerformSpecialty offers a variety of patient care programs designed to improve the health of your patients. These programs include, but are not limited to: Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hepatitis C, and RSV. Each program emphasizes collaboration among patients, prescribers and our clinicians to create a health improvement plan designed to educate the patient, reduce adverse drug events, and improve medication adherence.

Fulfillment Services


PerformSpecialty provides access to a wide variety of specialty medications, including limited distribution medications. We distinguish ourselves by offering a streamlined prior authorization process, accurate and timely delivery of specialty medications, quality customer service, and reduced client management requirements.

Adherence Program

Adherence Program

PerformSpecialty’s adherence program is one of our pillars to better patient health. We promote patient adherence by creating a dialogue among ourselves, you, and our patients. This allows us to monitor and evaluate medication effectiveness, patient response, and medication adherence.

Complete Pharmaceutical Care Management

Complete Pharmaceutical Care Management

PerformSpecialty has the ability to manage every aspect of the specialty pharmacy process for our patients. This model ensures that the member is the passenger on a journey to better health. From the initiation of the authorization to the implementation of a care plan, PerformSpecialty helps the member to manage every aspect of his or her care.

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